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Breakfast, Lunch and Diner Time in Haiti,  

Unfortunately Only Dirt on the Table, Courtesy

of Your Grossly Incompetent Rene Preval,
an unconditional friend of Chavez and Castro

To paraphrase Lenin, when you permit yourself to become "useful idiots," despite repeated cautions, still go as far as referring to extreme violence to innocently further prove so, but not before again fraudulently expressing your electoral sentiments for Rene Preval, the extreme violence-issued president of Haiti and former failed neighborhood baker, whose vision for the Caribbean nation does not differ that of deposed totalitarian dictator Jean-Bertrand Aristide, removed bloodthirsty dictator Jean-Bertrand Aristide, if not, too, forced to flee bestial tyrant Jean-Bertrand Aristide, and that is solely the equal immeasurable suffering from a multitude of unimaginable problems, by Western World standards, resulting principally from gross incompetence and many more of the same nature and gravity, as attested by the dehumanizing poverty (see photographs below) Haitians, in increasing numbers, are forced to endure, further transporting them into the world of pariah, you certainly cannot expect quality of life to be otherwise, even by Third World standards.  As they say in the vernacular, it is time for Haitians to wake up, that is consigning to the archives of history, also the largely illegitimate government of Preval, who always claims to be a college graduate when in fact he was forced to withdraw from the institution of higher learning he attended, in Belgium, in the first year, after he was assigned, on the average, the equivalent grade of F - Preval's education, a man who is said to drink vodka for breakfast.

Prof. Yves A. Isidor - February 4, 2008


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