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Posted August 1, 2006

Lethal terrorists, lethal gangsters have long turned Haiti into hell, if not worse. Should the ones captured alive then be canned, in public (a personal deterrence, a general deterrence), like the man in the picture, left below, in an effort to turn the troubled Caribbean nation into a relatively safe place, ultimately a tourist destination (like the other image below shows), transcending into long needed hard currencies for the never-healthy Haitian economy, ultimately a better quality of life for the vast majority of long dirt-poor Haitians? Let us know what you think. Opinion expressed will certainly be published only after permitting us, under no duress, to do so. Your name will be omitted, if you desire so. You may contact us at: letters@wehaitians.com. Related Text

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The New York Times

The Paris beach rules say no thongs on no topless sunbathers, wrote the New York Times of Tuesday, August 1, 2006.

The New York Times

A man caught drinking at a beachside stall (in Banda Aceh, Indonesia) was sentenced to 40 lashes, reported The New York Times.Tuesday, August 1, 2006. The caning was televised nationally, and he fainted on the seventh stroke.
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