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Posted Thursday, March 22, 2007
New court versus accused drug trafficker Fransky "Ti-Pouchon" Altheon
By Yves A. Isidor, wehaitians.com Executive Editor

CAMBRIDGE, MA, Mar. 22, 2007 - An accused trafficker in narcotics recently heard first hand that his ongoing trial was transferred to Boston's Suffolk Criminal District Court after a Boston's suburb criminal court, Dedham Criminal District Court, determined that it was insufficiently competent to continue to prosecute him.

This was exactly what occurred on March 15, 2007, after Fransky "Ti-Pouchon" Altheon, 24 (GRAND IMMORALITY IMAGES), the son of Boston's Haitian-American media personality, Yvon Altheon, once again appeared in the Boston area criminal district court, where he had been forced to face the bar of justice, since he was taken out of the circulation late last year by police officers, immediately after his BMW automobile was stopped and narcotics were found in his possession.

Immediately thereafter, there were certainly concerns, I learned from a person who spoke to me on the strict condition of anonymity because he is a close friend of the Altheon's family. The young defendant assumed that the continued criminal legal proceedings, in a new jurisdiction, against him, effective, approximately mid-April, are most likely to result into a conviction,  punishable by confinement to a penitentiary for a substantial period of time - that, a special deterrence, a general deterrence,   must also be potentially painful for his family members, especially immediate ones.  

Posted Monday, February 5, 2007
Still on the dock: A new court appointment for alleged drug trafficker Fransky "Ti-Pouchon" Altheon
By Yves A. Isidor, wehaitians.com executive editor

CAMBRIDGE, MA, Feb. 4, 2007 - Don't traffic in narcotics. They poison the mind and corrupt the morals, principally of the young. That, at least, was the charge recently leveled against Fransky "Ti-Pouchon" Altheon (GRAND IMMORALITY IMAGES), by the Massachusetts judicial system in the immediate aftermath of his arrest after police officers stopped his BMW automobile and found narcotics in his possession.

Mr. Fransky Altheon, 23, once against appeared in Massachusetts Dedham District Criminal Court Friday, this time, without his defense attorney. As a result he was given a new court date, March 15, 2007. 

His father, Mr. Yvon Altheon, I learned from a source who spoke to me on the condition of anonymity because of the sensitivity of the case, which may be explained by the elder Altheon's prominence in the Boston Haitian-American community, has never permitted himself to accompany his alleged drug trafficker son to court. 

Posted Thursday, December 21, 2006
Apparently, a chance for Boston HAU, Inc. to urge law-abiding young men to contagiously emulate convicted drug dealers
By Yves A. Isidor, wehaitians.com executive editor

CAMBRIDGE, MA, Dec. 21, 2006 - When hardworking, honest families think of what might have gone wrong after their sons, their daughters die of a drug overdose; the draconian punishment for trafficking in narcotics takes the form of imprisonment, and for many years so, in most cases deportation of the criminal offenders, after they finish serving their sentences, today they have cause to fear, to largely question Boston's Haitian American United, Inc. (HAU) apparent chance to urge law-abiding young men to contagiously emulate convicted drug dealers.

"Trafficking in narcotics," according to results of research conducted by a multitude of well respected social scientists, "creates an important set of social problems. Among them, "it sustains a self-perpetuating culture of extreme violence, ultimately death."

Unfortunately, HAU is set to honor Yvon Altheon, whose son, Fransky 'Ti-Pouchon' Altheon (Images), is now on the dock for possession of illegal substances, that is drug, as they are called in the vernacular, during a January 6, 2007 annual gala at the Randolph, Mass. Lombardos, a luxury function hall establishment. What is certain is that "this suggests," according to many still grieving Haitian parents, "HAU is apparently encouraging law-abiding young men and women to contagiously traffic in narcotics."  

The accused, Fransky Altheon, 23, who regained his liberty, but conditional (he must not permit himself to further engage in activities of criminal nature, for example), after family members posted bail, in the amount of $17,000, or cash bail, subsequent to he being taking out of the circulation, wehaitians.com has learned, has alleged in answer to the charges against him (a plea agreement). He will soon be sentenced to two years as punishment, instead of the five years first recommended by the prosecutor, in state prison.

Since he is not a naturalized American citizen, in the immediate aftermath of paying his debt to society, the punishment provided for those who violate its most important rules, he will be deported to Haiti, where life can easily be nearly equated to hell for a young man who knows only about the U.S. culture, since he arrived in America, as it is commonly called, at an early age - I hope not.. Why the Caribbean nation of Haiti? He was not only born there but is still a citizen of that minuscule piece of land. 

Fransky 'Ti-Pouchon' Altheon and alleged partner in crime were recently forced to disembark from an automobile immediately after they began to permit themselves to be intoxicated by marijuana.

What's new? Nothing, including the United States judicial system, seems capable to force Fransky 'Ti-Pouchon' Altheon to conform his behavior. An extremely panicked driver, we learned from a witness who spoke to us on the condition of anonymity because of the sensitivity of the case, not long ago forced him and a friend, or alleged partner in crime, he was arrested with to disembark from an automobile in which they were passengers immediately after they began to permit themselves to be intoxicated by marijuana.

Updated Saturday, January 20, 2007


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