The 10 worst countries in the world
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Posted July 21, 2001
The 10 worst countries in the world
Newsweek International
July 9, 2001 issue - Benighted nations that plumb the depts

of state oppression, poverty and all-round misery.                 

1. North Korea
A vast gulag where citizens are forced to worship their 'Great Leader,' who lets them die like flies
2. Afghanistan
As if an endless civil war and psychotic regime were not enough, a punishing drought is starving millions
3. Sierra Leone
Africa's most brutal war has taken life and limb, literally, from thousands of children
4. Sudan
Ethnic and religious enmities have so riven the country that it hardly qualifies as a nation at all
5. Angola
A quarter century of civil war - and the rich, feeding off oil profits, are still getting richer
6. Tajikistan
The poorest of the former Soviet republics is torn between a two-bit dictator and disgruntled warlords
7. Dem. Rep. of Congo
Plagued by every ill of our times: greed, ethnic tension, civil war, foreign aggression, AIDS, poverty
8. Albania
Smuggling is the biggest foreign-exchange earner, and criminal gangs hold more sway than the state
9. Haiti
Misrule and international donor fatigue continue to make a potential Caribbean paradise a hell on earth
10. Iraq
The worst of both worlds - sanctions have ravaged the economy and Saddam's boot is as heavy as ever 
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