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Posted Sunday, February 17, 2008
Serge Desir, the man who caused many to also question the nature of existence, without soccer, died on February 15th, aged 54
By YVES A. ISIDOR, wehaitians.com executive editor

CAMBRIDGE, MA, Feb. 17 - Many of Boston's young Haitian men and women who otherwise would be more likely to inhabit, at least, the "demi-monde" of criminality, often question the nature of existence and the purpose of life, without soccer.

It all began, in fact more than 20 years ago, with Mr. Serge Desir, who in 1992 a doctors' examination of his body - it is divided up neatly into organs and systems that each has well-defined tasks - revealed he suffered from a medical disorder known as "Terminal Insufficient Cardiac," causing cardiologists to immediately thereafter replace his natural heart with an artificial one, and this in an effort to, hopefully, prolong his life.

The news of Mr. Desir's premature expiration Friday, at The New England Medical Center, where he was being treated for the disease that would not go away, for approximately a month, was greeted with great sadness, even by those in the Boston's Haitian-American community and elsewhere who never benefited directly or indirectly from his innumerable rare contributions of sportive nature - they certainly did not give his efforts the very image of futility - to the community of the same. He was 54.

Mr. Desir has since his sudden departure from this world rightly joined the procession of deceased great Haitian nationals. His wake, this Friday, at 6:30PM, at The Tabernacle Baptist Church, situated at 575 American Legion Highway, Rosindale (Boston), and where his obsequies, which are anticipated to also be rich with symbols of camaraderie, will subsequently take place, the next day, Saturday, at 9:30AM, will certainly be, rather, more than the equal of a celebration of life.

Wehaitians.com and its executive editor, professor Yves A. Isidor, offer their expressions of condolences to Mr. Desir's widow, Margarette Desir. And, of course, they convey the same to other immediate family members. They include daughters Elizabeth Desir, Sarah Desir, Gabrielle Desir, and son Serge Desir, Jr. Why not, too, his borther, Kesner Medar and other family members.

Sure Mr. Desir, who in life among sports broadcasters, chefs was unusual, will also be missed by a multitude of friends, principally the ones, who on December 29, 2007 meritoriously feted him in the West Roxbury section of Boston.

Adieu Mr. Desir, and hello.

Convey your expressions of condolences to the family of Mr. Desir: elizabethdesir@hotmail.com.        

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