Rags-to-riches homeless man doesn't show up in NY

ALBANY, N.Y. A homeless man from Utah has failed to show up in New York to claim the sizable inheritance from his brother.

The Daily Gazette of Schenectady reports that Max Melitzer was supposed to arrive Thursday at the Albany bus station, where his cousin Richard Goldfarb was waiting for him. But the newspaper reports that Melitzer wasn't on any of the buses that pulled into the station.

The successful search for Melitzer made international headlines last week when a private investigator hired by his family's law firm tracked him down on the streets of Salt Lake City and informed him that his brother had left him a sizeable estate.

Morris Melitzer of Schenectady died in April 2010. The 66-year-old General Electric plant worker died of pancreatic cancer. The Daily Gazette says his estate is worth $100,000.