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Judge Jean-Perez Paul waits in an empty court room of the justice palace in Port-au-Prince, Haiti during a lawyers one day strike over what they say is a corrupt and ineffective judicial system.  Tuesday, May 7, 2002.   (AP  information; AP Photo/Daniel Morel).  
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Haitian journalists hold a banner reading "justice for Jean Dominique" during a demonstration for freedom of the press in the streets of Port-au-Prince, Haiti, on World Press Freedom Day, Friday, May 3, 2002.   About one hundred Haitian journalists took to the streets demanding justice for slain journalists Brignol Lindor and Jean Dominique.   Dominique was gunned down at his station Radio Haiti Inter on April 3, 2000.  On Dec.  3, 2001, a pro-Aristide grass-roots group hacked provincial journalist Brignol Lindor to death.   (AP information; AP Photo/Daniel Morel). 
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