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Posted Wednesday, December 3, 2008
Parolee Held in Bus Driver's Death Busted
in July for Carrying a Knife in Subway
bus seats1
The MTA bus on which Edwin Thomas was fatally stabbed sits at a depot in Brooklyn.
By Oren Yaniv, Alison Gender
and Larry Mcshane,
Daily News Staff Writers
The paroled ex-con suspected in the vicious slaying of a Brooklyn bus driver was free to kill despite a violent past that included a July bust for toting a knife in the subway.

Horace Moore, 20, was barely out of prison on an attempted murder conviction when he was grabbed four months ago with the folding knife aboard a C train in Brooklyn, the Daily News learned Tuesday.
horace moore1
Horace D. Moore, the alleged unparalleled killer.
The paroled recidivist - who's been busted at least eight times since 2002 - was released after the knife arrest, sources told The News. The case was adjourned, and Moore was told the charge would be dropped if he stayed out of trouble, the sources said.

He instead plunged a knife into the chest of veteran driver Edwin Thomas before a busload of horrified riders on Monday afternoon, authorities said.
edwin thomas1
Edwin Thomas, the bus driver victim.
Moore's long rap sheet includes busts for robbery, grand larceny and knocking up his 13-year-old girlfriend when he was 17.

Moore, of Brooklyn, received youthful offender status on the 2006 attempted murder charge, leading to a reduced sentence of 1 to 3 years, sources said. Details of the sealed case were not available Tuesday.

He served only about nine months on the sweetheart deal before his release in February, sources said.

The drug-dealing Moore's latest arrest, after one of his marijuana-buying regulars gave him up to police, was the lone bit of emotional balm for Thomas' devastated family.

"I prayed last night, 'I hope they find him,'" his son Jeffrey Thomas said through tears.

"It's just so cold-hearted to stab him in the chest like that," the 18-year-old continued. "He killed him over a transfer for $2. ... These people out in this world have no heart."

Moore was arrested after confessing to one of his customers, police sources said. "I got into it with a bus driver and stabbed him," Moore reportedly said in the Monday night conversation.

A distraught Moore asked the man for a ride to his girlfriend's house. The customer - feeling guilty about the slain driver - dropped Moore off, and then steered police to his hideout.

The 5-foot-5 suspect was arrested just before midnight. Moore confessed the killing to cops at the 81st Precinct stationhouse and told them where to find the murder weapon, police said. Murder charges were pending.

Police say a wild-eyed Moore sneaked aboard the B46 bus via the back door without paying. He then approached Thomas, 46, and asked for a transfer.

The seven-year MTA veteran initially balked, noting that Moore never paid the $2 fare. When Moore got out at Malcolm X Blvd. and Gates Ave., Thomas stepped outside with the miscreant passenger.

The driver finally provided a transfer, but Moore responded to the goodwill gesture with a punch to Thomas' head. Moore chased Thomas back into the bus, pushing his way inside as the driver tried to close the doors, and then stabbed Thomas in the chest, authorities said.

Family and friends recalled Thomas, a former armored car driver, as funny, even-tempered and hardworking.

"I was just with him last week, just joking with him," said fellow bus driver Edward Wright, wearing a black ribbon in memory of Thomas. "I called him Mr. Cool."

oyaniv@nydailynews.com With Veronika Belenkaya

© Copyright 2008 NYDailyNews.com. Reprinted from The New York Daily News of Wednesday, December 3, 2008.
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