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Chief bandit Aristide is dead ... National day of mourning in the world of criminality and contentment in Haiti.  His notorious criminal children - Ronald Cadaver, Paul Raymond and René Civil - will surely miss their father.
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Haiti is finally free.  The body of radical leftist, chief bandit and totalitarian dictator Jean-Bertrand Aristide is laid in state after he died five days ago from drinking the blood and eating the calcinated remains of his political opponents.  
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The shantytown church, where a funeral mass for brutal dictator Aristide is said.
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The funeral mass is attended by a great many of brutal dictator Aristide's bandits.
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Bishops, including François Wolf Lingondé, who tyrant Aristide attempted to burn alive, at the burial site.
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The cemetery, where the body of tyrant Aristide is laid to rest.
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Citizens are celebrating their new found freedom after the body of radical leftist and brutal dictator Aristide is interred.
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