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Prince Sonson Pierre, a de facto Senator and arsonist who is said to have stolen more than 117, 000 gourdes or U.S. $7,000 

An anti-radical leftist and totalitarian dictator Aristide's protest in Port-au-Prince

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De facto Senator Yvon Feuillé

A tyrant Aristide's highway

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Mathieu Prud'Homme, a Canadian journalist shot in the left arm on Jan. 21, 2002 by Aristide's bandits

Claudy Gassant, the investigative judge in prominent radio             journalist Jean Léopold Dominique murder case in his                courtroom

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An anti-dictator Aristide protest

A tyrant Aristide's opponent burned alive

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Still dirt poor and illiterate

An infant boat people

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Haitians (boat people) fleeing tyrant Aristide dehumanizing poverty

An anti-abject poverty and rampant corruption protest

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The funeral of Brignol Lindor, a radio journalist hacked to death by tyrant Aristide's bandits on Dec. 3, 2001 in Petit-Goâve  

A democratic opposition political party office ordered burned by tyrant Aristide on Dec. 17, 2001

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Ernst Laraque, a de facto Cabinet Minister

Tyrant Aristide's bandits beat a suspected democratic opposition supporter

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No jobs or  public parks.  As a result residents of the town of Port-Salut have resigned to bull fighting  

De facto Premier Jean-Marie Cherestal in de facto parliament

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Claude Roumain, a democratic opposition member and victim of tyrant Aristide

Radical leftist and totalitarian dictator Aristide's bandits burns used car tires in Gonaives on January 23, 2002

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A democratic opposition office sets on fire on the order of brutal dictator Aristide

        Radical leftist Aristide's bandits take to the streets burning               everything they find in their way, including burning people          alive alive

*AP, HPN, BBC and's photos were used in this pantheon.
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