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Posted August 16, 2010

Mathieu Dieusauveur, the Long Awaited, Honest, Competent Mayor of Gonaives

Mathieu Dieusauveur, a candidate for mayor of Gonaives, Haiti's fourth largest city, has long been a competent manager. For many years, the current assistant manager at the U.S.-based Dominos pizza warehouse, has not only managed, with success, a cargo service enterprise he first founded in the city of Boston (U.S.A), and with reduced start-up capital, he hosted a radio magazine program in an effort to help promote the virtues of democracy: liberty of expression, the right of assembly, to cite only these ones.

Mr. Dieusauveur, who possesses many solid years of experience in the field of healthcare is always concerned about the deplorable condition of many healthcare institutions, especially Gonaives's only hospital, in his city of birth, the place he has never ceased dreaming transforming one day into a much better one.

An expression of your electoral sentiment for Mr. Dieusauveur, a former assistant manager at the U.S.-based Whole Foods warehouse for four years, will certainly mean an end to corruption, gross incompetence, trash-filled streets and insecurity - all in the City of Gonaives.

Jobs! Edutcation! Agriculture! They are, too, many of Mr. Dieusauveur's other priorities. He has a deep and abiding believe that his administration will be an invitation to business opportunities in his historic city of Gonaives.

As a person with an innate ability for negotiation he will, with ease, serve as a bridge between the long neglected needs of his constituents and the many external sources (including the central government) of funding to secure the money needed to help pay for public goods and services as Gonaives becomes more dependent on its own financial resources. 
Vote, Vote, and for me; I guarantee you our beloved Gonaives will be a much better place. Thank you in advance for voting for me - your future, in the positive terms.
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