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In Gonaives and other cities, Haiti, violent protests, peaceful protests, fake bicentennial festivities, 'criminal Aristide must go,' murders and burning since uncommonly chief bandit Jean-Bertrand Aristide brutally murdered his notorious criminal Amiot Metayer - January 1-5, 2004

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Haitian businessman Charles Henry Baker, center left, speaks while Montes Joseph, left, Herve Saintilus, center right, and Turneb Delpe listen during a news conference of a civil society and opposition coalition opposed to President Jean-Bertrand Aristide in Port-au-Prince, Haiti, Monday, Jan. 5, 2004. The group announced plans for a demonstration Wednesday and a two-day general strike on Thursday and Friday aimed at toppling Aristide as a delegation from the Caribbean Community (CARICOM) arrived Monday to help mediate in Haiti's political crisis. (AP Photo/Walter Astrada)
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Actor Danny Glover, right, and singer/songwriter and dancer Erna LeTemps take part in a dual reading introducing 'Happy Birthday Haiti,' a concert celebrating Haiti's bicentennial at Carnegie Hall in New York Saturday, Jan. 3, 2004. Glover is acting as the the ambassador-at-large for Haiti's Bicentennial celebration.(AP Photo/Kathy Willens)

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Singer Harry Belafonte makes an impassioned speech as part of a tribute and concert celebrating Haiti's bicentennial at Carnegie Hall, Saturday, Jan. 3, 2004 in New York. Belafonte, the first black performer to win an Emmy, helped popularized Calypso music in the United States in the 1950's. He has enjoyed a lengthy career as an actor, producer, music composer and arranger, as well as an activist fighting racism, violence and world hunger. (AP Photo/Kathy Willens)

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President Aristide raised the flag on 200 years of independence on January 1, 2004, Haiti's bicentennary day. 

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The impoverished state is marking two centuries of freedom after shaking off French rule, January 1, 2004. 

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Anti-government protesters used the day, Haiti's bicentennial day, or January 1, 2004, to call for "freedom from Aristide
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