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Idi Amin Dada, a sadistic dictator died on August 15, 2003, aged 78 or 80 - August 16, 2003

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Mr. Amin is carried by four British businessmen during a party for diplomats in 1975. A Swedish businessman holds an umbrella in the manner of servants who once shielded tribal rulers from the sun. (AP Photo)
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Idi Amin called himself "a pure son of Africa," but his bizarre and murderous eight years as president of Uganda typified the worst of the continent's military dictatorships.

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Mr. Amin at a 1977 news conference at the Arab League Headquarters in Cairo. (AP Photo)

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Mr. Amin waves to thousands of Ugandans gathered at a ceremony in Kampala in 1971. (AP Photo)


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Mr. Amin at a 1975 rally in Koboko. (AP Photo)

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Idi Amin, the murderer

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