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Posted July 1, 2003
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Real Haiti

Here is a selection of Haitian films that serve as an introduction to the current wave. Creole and French with English Subtitles

• Barikad (Barricade) -- Directed by Richard Sénécal. A dreamy young man falls in love with his family's housekeeper, to the consternation of his parents, who want to keep class lines intact.

• Haitian Corner -- Directed by Raoul Peck. A poet flees Duvalierist Haiti for New York and meets a former soldier who tortured him back home.

• Pour L'amour de Suzie -- Directed by Raynald Delerme. A player and a single mother try to forget their past and rebuild their lives together. French with English Subtitles

• Lumumba -- Directed by Raoul Peck. This film chronicles Patrice Lumumba's rise to power in the Congo in 1960. Creole/French

• Kouché pa Bay (Laziness Begets Nothing) -- Directed by Willy Exume. Two unemployed Haitian immigrants in New York come up with a scheme to pluck them out their misery: shepherding their own church.

• Cicatrices (Scars) -- Directed by Jean-Gardy Bien-Aimé. A wealthy widow finds love in a much-younger man, and becomes alienated from her son, who still treasures his father's memory.

• Shango -- Directed by Moise Kharmeliaud and Wheeler Mackens. When a reporter's wife is murdered, he sets out to find her killers and unravels a web of treachery, police and media corruption and narcotics trading.

• Piwouli et le Zenglendo [Piwouli and the Thug] -- Directed by Arnold Antonin. A bored housewife, trapped in a loveless marriage, becomes enamored of a thief who robs her at gunpoint.

• Les Gens de Bien (People of Means) -- Directed by Raynald Delerme. A thinly disguised satire of the last days of the Duvalier dynasty.

• Caroline -- Directed by Louis Barth. A willful country girl schemes to break free from her tyrannical father to be with her true love.


Reprinted from The Miami Herald of June 28, 2003., the scholarly journal of democracy and human rights
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