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Posted December 11, 2010
The Haitian Community of New England Urges the Resignation of President

Rene Preval and the Suspension of the Interim Electoral Council


Contact persons: Jacques Dady

Jean , CEO (Town Computer) Boston, MA


(617) 298-0357

Romeo Estinvil (Real Estate Broker) Brockton, MA


(617) 429-5420

Dr. Yves Isidor (UMASS professor, Cambridge Financial Corp)Cambridge, MA


(617) 852-7672


The Civil Society of the Haitian Community of New England Urges the Resignation of President and the suspension of the Interim Electoral Council


Boston, MA: We, the undersigned concerned Haitian and Haitian-American citizens living in Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, Maine, Connecticut and Vermont are urging President Rene Preval to resign immediately and make use of Haitiís constitutional provision relative to this special circumstance.

We notice that our homeland has plunged into a tragic crisis since the announcement of the preliminary results of the general elections. The country is completely paralyzed, the commercial districts in every major city are closed, the only international airport is closed, schools are closed and there are reports that international medical groups are unable to deliver must needed medical care to the Cholera victims putting thousands of lives in immediate danger.

Haitiís government has failed; the members of the electoral council have betrayed the trust of the Haitian voters. Haitians everywhere have strongly expressed their appeal for President Rene Preval to leave. In spite of massive popular protests and several warnings from the Haitian political actors and International community, the ruling party is still managing to stick to power and wants to steal the elections at all price.

We have learned through the National news media that the ruling party is using violence to intimidate the population. We saw people murdered in broad daylight yesterday while they were protesting peacefully; we are deeply sorry, they should never die, and we express our condolences to their family members and friends. Nevertheless, we encourage the population to remain on alert and use any nonviolent means necessary to make their voices heard. Dying for your country is such a heroic act that the crowds should celebrate that beautiful death.

 We have gone too far, we have suffered too long, and we have already lost too much to give up. We shall overcome. We are with you and Jesus in on your side.

Signed by the following citizens:

1) Jules Marc, NH

2) Laurie Stella Roy,RI

3) Sanite Laborde Beauvais ,DC

4) Elmina Charles, MA

5) Renold Legros, MA

6) Sonize Seraphin, MA

7) Benito Sicar, MA

8) Eddy Samboug, ME

9) Paul Nerette, MA

10) Eddy Plancher, MA

11) Romeo Estinvil, MA

12) Karrie Ann Newcomb Jean, MA

13) Denis Laroche, RI

14) Pressoir Soufrant, MA

15) Narcisse Philemond, MA

16) Claude Narcisse, NH

17) Yvette Charles, NH

18) Dr. Yves A Isidor, MA

19) Alan Keiogh, MA

20) Nancy Barbier, ME

21) Ketty Joseph, MA

22) Ducasse Comeau, MA

23) Saul France, MA

24) Ralphe Couloute, FL

25) Janine Soivilien

26) Sony Edme

27) Marlene Charles

29)Josue Fevry

30)Giscard-Denis Sabbat Florida

More citizens who truly want to see a
democratic Haiti affix their signatures

1) Wallace Boucher,MA

2) Benito Letan, NH

3) Ewidge Celestin,MA

4) Roger Beaupin,MA

5) Rachelle Timotee, MA

6) Jacques Dady Jean,MA

7) Michel Pierre, MA

8)yronneau Edward, NM

9) Enock Laventure, RI

10) Paulette Lubin, MA

11) Maxime Olivier,MA

12) Reginal Pierre,MA

13) Genese Damasse, RI

14) Wilbert Preval ,MA

15) Marie Bonte,ME

16) Frantz Volcy,MA

17) Rene Gauthier,MA

18) Sonia Monde,MA

19) Gertha Sylvestre,MA

20) Stanley Beauvais,DC

21) Paul Joseph, FL

22) Guy Laurant, CA

23)Chantal Lamarre, MA

24) Gregory Lonchamp,MA

25) Joseph Phenelon, MA

26) Junior Jean, MA

27) Reginal Lehu, MA

28) Remy Petit Homme, RI

29) Larame Andre Jr, MA

30) Mrs Remy Petit Homme

31) Adan Mascary   

*To also sign this very important press release, and today, please visit: www.jeunehaiti.com
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