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Posted January 25, 2008
Haitian-Americans Head to South Carolina
Carolina to Help Senator Hillary Win

Under the umbrella of the Haitian American Political Action Committee, a delegation of 13 Haitian men and women, including lawyers, political activists and other professionals, will leave Massachusetts to South Carolina for a trip to team up with the Hillary Clinton’s campaign to get ready for a huge victory in South Carolina.

Many other volunteers will remain in the Mattapan Technology Center to run a distant high-tech cyber campaign to mobilize the undecided voters to vote for Clinton.

The United States is the greatest democracy in the world. We don’t elect our leaders based on race or gender but rather because of their experience, their track record and the content of their character. Hillary Clinton was an exceptional First Lady and she is now serving as a Senator for the State of New York. She had always been on the front line combating for minority communities and the middle class. She has also spent the last 35 years fighting for American families.

During his two presidential terms her husband, Bill Clinton, restored the U.S. leadership in the international community, boosted the economy and left the White House with a budget surplus. Just seven years later, the Republican administration has put the country on the verge of a recession.

The country needs a leader that can fix the problems. Hillary Clinton can and she will fix them.

From higher education to health care, from national security and job creation to a better social security system, Hillary Clinton has the best plan for the country and the middle class and has always demonstrated the strength of her leadership and her capability to make change.

For more information: Contact the Haitian American Political Action Committee at info@mattapanonline.org Jacques Dady Jean, Chairman Haitian-Americans Political Action Committee 24 Regis Rd Mattapan, MA. 02126 www.mattapanonline.org (617)-298-0357

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