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Posted March 17, 2011

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  The Haitian-American Community Endorses Michel Martelly For President

March 17, 2011

Endorsement Speech Made By Jacques Dady Jean at the Doric Hall on Thursday March 17, 2011

The Chairman of The Haitian-American Political Action Committee 

My friends, my countrymen, and my slum dog comrades, we have been suffering for more than half of a century. I am calling on you to join the members of the Haitian American Political Action Committee in this historic journey. The time has come for the Haitian people to choose Michel Martelly as the next leader of Haiti. 

Michel Martelly will close the book on the old politics of long French speeches, empty promises, the politics of French speaking Haitians against creole speaking Haitians, Haitians from uptown against Haitians from downtown and the light-skinned Haitians against Haitians with a darker skin color. Martelly will work for the unity of the nation for a new beginning.

Martelly will focus on the development of the country as a whole and not on the interests of the privileged class. If you like to be treated a second or third class citizen because the dominated class did not give you the opportunity to fulfill your dream, this Sunday, vote for Manigat. However, if you want a leader that will organize a democratic republic where every man and woman will be treated with equality and fairness join the Micky nation and vote for Michel Martelly, No. 8 this Sunday.

Five years ago, former president Lesly Manigat, standing next to his wife, called the Haitian people dogs during his concession speech, referring to the people who voted for Rene Preval.  The husband of candidate Mirlande Manigat said, “Only dogs can return to his vomit.”

Michel Martelly is an honest man. He accepts his mistakes and is proud of his successful accomplishments, he has never lied to us. Trust is very important in leadership. How can the nation trust a leader who stepped into the bloodshed of hundreds of citizens to take the power from the wicked assassins who murdered them in broad daylight while they were waiting in line to cast their vote in Haiti’s  first attempt to organize a democratic election?

If you need someone to write another book to analyze your deprived condition based on data received from foreign governments, vote for Manigat this Sunday. If you want a friend, a comrade who lived with you, suffered with you  and has your problems in his heart every day; a man who is ready to work with you to solve the most urgent issues, such as restoring public order, rebuild the country’s health care system and reforming the education system, someone who has proposed an economic development package that will adapt with our means and our productivity, this Sunday when you go to vote choose Michel Martelly #8.

Michel says repeatedly that he will propose a nation rebuilding project in collaboration with all of Haiti’s past and present political leaders, members of the Civil Society, as well as students and peasants for the welfare of the Haitian people. Madame Manigat said that she will sit with scholars and experts of the OAS to find the solutions to your problems. Do you think that Michel Martelly’s project reflects the competency of a great project manager and is more likely to succeed than Mirlande Manigat’s?

During the past few weeks, Mirlande Manigat has been conducting a smear campaign to dehumanize the people because of their lack of a college education. This is third world mentality that makes a scholar believe that he or she is better than the rest of the world.  A system can work harmoniously when every gear is turning effectively, if one gear has become defective the whole system will stop working. The economy of any country depends of the working class and the people who have the means of production. This mean that the peasants and their sons and daughters of whom the elites are undermining are the cornerstone of the Haitian economy. If everyone were a scholar, 80% of positions would not be filled because there would be no need for a scholar to perform these functions and because the scholar will not accept to do those jobs. Karl Marx, one of the world’s most influential historians and a revolutionary, wrote a letter to his father in which he pondered the choices that a young person must make when choosing a profession:

"...But the chief guide which must direct us in the choice of a profession is the welfare of mankind and our own perfection. It should not be thought that these two interests could be in conflict, that one would have to destroy the other; on the contrary, Man's nature is so constituted that he can attain his own perfection only by working for the perfection, for the good, of his fellow men. If he works only for himself, he may perhaps become a famous man of learning, a great sage, an excellent poet, but he can never be a perfect, truly great man."

Such as Mirlande Manigat, she is a scholar but she will be remembered as a greedy personality, a woman who became senator in a fraudulent election organized by the military in which only 9% of the electorate participated. She is a woman cares less about moral integrity; and she does not have any problem to associate with drug dealers and lawbreakers for the sake of power and money. Although educated, she will never be a perfect and truly great person.

Martelly is poor, he is a son of peasants, he is a musician and a working class man. He is not a scholar, but indeed he is a perfect man, a truly great man. Leadership is not about how many years you spend in school, it is how much you devote to making a positive impact on humanity.  Through performing arts and through his love and commitment to the poor, the youth and the peasants, Martelly has proven himself and this Sunday he deserves our votes.

 CONTACT: Engineer Jacques Dady Jean can be reached at: 617-298-0357; Email: jacjean1@hotmail.com

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