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Dose of Tenacity Wears Down an Ancient Honor


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Photographs by Vennessa Vick for The New York Times

The Sacred Pond of Ogi, Nigeria, was contaminated with the water fleas that were infected with Guinea worm larvee. Villagers, holding to traditional beliefs, initially tried to dissuade health officials from treating the water.

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A Guinea worm broke off before completely emerging from Hycanenth Igelle's hand, a dangerous situation that can cause permanent damage or difiguration.

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One of villager's feet severely afftected by Guinea worm.
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The side of the village of Dnapu without a safe water supply had 10 cases of Guinea worm in 2003, including Habiba.

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A jar containing a Guinea worm, or Dracunculiasis, at the Carter Center in Jos, Nigeria.

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In the village of Utonkon in Benue, Nigeria, a case containment ceter had four active cases in October 2004.

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THE RESPONSE: A pipe filters is designed to remove the larvee from the pond's water.

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THE RESPONSE: In Eyingi, Nigeria, people use a filter cloth each day for all their water.

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The village of Lefu had 70 cases of Guinea worm in 2003, but there were none in 2004. Habiba Ahmed drew water from the bore that was made to help supply safe drinking water for the community.

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