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Translation (the above words), from Haitian Creole to English: 1. Teworis (Terrorism); 2. Frè Marasa (Twin
Brothers); 3. Building Marasa (Twin Towers); 4. Mènmman Parèyman (The same type of terrorists).
Osama bin Laden, top left, has murdered more than 4,000 innocent people, both in New York City
(World Trade Center) and Washington, D.C. (The Pentagon) on Sept.11, 2001. Jean-Bertrand Aristide,
top right, who continues to call himself president of the Republic of Haiti, despite the fact he was elected
in a largely fraudulent election last December, also is a chief terrorist. In Haiti, in addition to buildings that
house political parties and radio stations he has burnt an innumerable number of political opponents, including
journalists, alive - the most recent journalist hacked to death in broad daylight was Brignol Lindor, 32, on
Dec. 3, 2001, in the provincial city of Petit-Goave.
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