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Posted December 20, 2007
Boycott Medford, MA A.J. Right Store

My name is Vincent Orgreat and I just established residence in the Massachusetts city of Medford.

I must also inform you that I have been more than harassed by a woman that works at A.J. Wright, located in the city of the same name.

On Saturday night, December 15, 2007 I went to shop at the store mentioned above and a woman employee started chasing me for no valid reason.

As I was exiting the store she followed me and as a result I returned inside to report the unfortunate incident to the manager.

As I was existing the store for a second time she again followed me. At that point she started to chase me and went as far as threatening to push me. Fearing for my safety, I was forced to call 911 and the cops arrived immediately thereafter.

I not only want to share this unfortunate experience with members of the Boston's area Haitian-American community, but urge them to refrain themselves from visiting that store, even to do window shopping. In this case, they will not permit themselves to be subject to the same gross disrespectable treatment.

I'm awaiting a court hearing at Somerville District Court on this particular case.

Vincent Orgreat    

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