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Posted October 15, 2011



Artists for Haiti
Concerts to Resettle Earthquake Refugees
For Immediate Release 14 October 2011

Dear Friends and Colleagues,


As you may be aware, there are over 1,000 refugee camps and 500,000 people displaced since the 2010 earthquake in Haiti. The camp sites are exposed to tropical storms, flooding, and other environmental hazards. Furthermore, many of the homeless are now threatened with eviction from temporary tent camps. Recent reports from  Amnesty International and   Human Rights Watch document their conditions and the daily challenges faced by the residents, including sexual abuse suffered by women and young girls who reside in those camps.


In response to what we consider to be an emergency situation and humanitarian crisis,  Eritaj Foundation  and its partners are organizing the Artists for Haiti concert series that will raise awareness and funds to assist in the resettling of the displaced. 


The initial event will be a concert in New York hosted by Reggae legends,  Third World, on Saturday, January 14th, to commemorate the 2nd anniversary of the January 12th, 2010 earthquake. We are exploring several venues, including Carnegie Hall, Town Hall, The Beacon Theater and others. In addition, we are soliciting other artists to join the concerts series and contribute towards the cause. Additional concerts are being organized for Los Angeles, Nashville, Miami and Haiti throughout 2012. Exhibitions and other event planners will be approached to help raise awareness during their activities and contribute a portion of their revenue towards the resettlement fund.


To make this project a reality, we seek:

  • Multiple sponsors whose tax-deductible donation will assist in securing venues and facilitating the participation of many artists that will join the movement .
  • Artists from all over the world who will perform at one, or many, of the Artists for Haiti concerts and help raise awareness on the conditions of the camps. Artists unable to perform at one of the Artists for Haiti events are encouraged to dedicate one of their performances in 2012 to the Earthquake refugees and contribute to the resettlement fund.
  • Song submissions broadcasting a message of hope, awareness and accountability to be part of a CD compilation planned for a November 2011 release. The proceeds will benefit the refugees and the resettlement effort. 

Eritaj Foundation and its partners are working on enlisting the cooperation of the government of Haiti, investors, universities, individuals, Haitian organizations, non-profit organizations located in Haiti and abroad, and corporations and foundations that have previously donated to relief efforts. An invitation for cooperation will be extended to all of the music industry and we expect that the concerts will evolve into a movement that will allow us to have a meaningful impact in Haiti.


Anyone interested in being part of this movement, in one or more of the ways previously mentioned, is asked to forward a Letter of Intention. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.




ED KOSTER                                                                                     MIRLANDE BUTLER

Artists for Haiti Coordinator                                                                         President

for Eritaj Foundation                                                                          Eritaj Foundation 

ek5257@netscape.net                                                      eritajfoundation@msn.com

(914) 886-8505                                                                                     (508) 494-9127

About Eritaj Foundation

Eritaj Foundation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization established in the United States to foster human resources organizations in Haiti.


It provides technical assistance to Haiti-based non profit organizations that focus on community development, education and literacy, health care, disease prevention, nutrition for pregnant women and infants, and the care and protection of orphans and homeless children. 


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